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Brake pads: how not to be captured by the “pirates”

Brake pads: how not to be captured by the “pirates”

As it turned out, unlike the times of “wild capitalism”, the problem of fake spare parts has practically disappeared – the market is saturated with competitive supply, and it has become simply unprofitable to import knowingly fake brake pads under the guise of branded ones, risking going to places not so remote. Almost all of our interlocutors noted that they, as official representatives of their brands, managed to take control of the supply and, with the help of the authorities, “strangle” the manufacturers of counterfeit goods..

Thus, according to Albert Shereshov from the Avtokomponenty Trading House, representing the Frixa brand in Russia (a subsidiary of the well-known tire company Hankook), the company carefully monitors and controls the import of brake pads to the Russian market and absolutely guarantees that all brand products are supplied directly from the factory. -manufacturer to warehouses, from where it is distributed through a network of distributors. There is no gray import channel for this brand, which covers 100% of the car park of Korean car manufacturers and the main models of European brands..

hankook frixa kevlar brake pads.

Irina Boyarintseva, Bosch Regional Manager for Braking Systems, notes that the problem of counterfeiting for their brand still exists, and therefore the company is taking a set of measures to prevent counterfeiting from entering the Russian market. Another problem for Bosch is gray imports, when products manufactured for the Southeast Asia (SEA) market are imported into our country. However, the volume of these supplies is insignificant. This situation has arisen thanks to the development of a distribution network and a large range of Bosch pads, which includes more than 1400 articles and covers 95% of the European vehicle fleet.

Approximately the same coverage is provided by the range of Bosch products offered for vehicle fleets in the CIS countries..

Answering the question about the impact of online trade and, in particular, the consumer’s ability to purchase pads through Chinese online stores, our interlocutor assessed the competition from them as low: “The consumer does not need to look for spare parts abroad – our products are presented in Russia in all regions and at a very reasonable price. ” Ms. Boyarintseva only noted that although pads for the Russian market are produced at the same factories as products for other countries, the production process takes into account the requirements of certain markets. It is easy to recognize the European Bosch shoe and the “Asian”: first of all, the Asian shoe differs from the products for the European and CIS markets by the type of trade number, packaging design and the absence of the ECE-R90 standard conformity mark – compliance with the provisions of this standard is not required in Southeast Asian countries.


In the Moscow office of Federal Mogul, which produces brake pads under the Ferodo and Wagner brands, regarding the fakes they answered unequivocally: “We have exhausted them completely.” According to Timur Imnaishvili, Federal-Mogul Marketing Director for Russia, Ukraine and the CIS, gray imports have little impact on this segment of the aftermarket. “The manufacturer controls the supply system and, if it has a warehouse in Russia, registers trade marks at customs, which protects its official distributors in the country from gray imports and cuts off the imported counterfeit. As for the differences between our products and imported “all”, they are only in the price, since “gray” was imported bypassing the payment of various duties and taxes. In terms of the details of the brake system, the gray scheme is generally unprofitable, since the duty is only 5%, while for other components it reaches 20-25% “.

As for the origin of the FM brake pads for the domestic market, today the company owns 25 factories that produce brake system parts, and most of them work for their markets. Up to 90% of friction materials supplied to Russia are produced in Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Hungary). All manufactured parts correspond to the quality of the company’s products, which is one of the world leaders in supplying car manufacturers to the conveyor.

However, when purchasing pads, it is necessary to look at their applicability to the car brand and the region, since there are significant differences in the formulation of friction materials caused by the climate and operating conditions.

ThermoQuiet Brake Pads.

The Moscow office of the TRW Aftermarket brand became the only Russian representative office in which we were able to show a small but collection of fake brake pads. Perhaps part of this popularity of TRW products is due to the company’s policy of requiring that TRW pads are available for it 12 months after a new car model is introduced. The representative office of the brand in Russia “Za rulem.RF” reported that the products that meet the R90 standard of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe are officially imported into our country. Pads for Southeast Asia with the S and YO index, although produced according to TRW standards at

the company’s enterprises, differ in their specifications and cannot be recommended for Russia.

Different environmental and safety standards lead to the fact that the formulation of the friction material changes, and this, in turn, affects the braking performance.

“The shoe is made as cheap as possible and, as a rule, there is no anti-noise pad on it. This is a completely different product, and it cannot be recommended for use in Russia, if only because in Southeast Asia there are no frosts in minus 20 and minus 30, – explained Viktor Lebedev, a technical specialist of the TRW representative office in Russia. – Against this background, the explanation that is often given by unskilled sellers or forum “experts”, interpreting the designation of the Asian pad by the letter S as “sport” and assuming its improved braking characteristics, looks curious. By the way, thanks to the use of metal in the frictional material of the pads for Southeast Asia, some car owners may indeed perceive a “sporty” effect, but this is only an appearance. In addition, they will pay for it with prematurely worn brake discs, the price of which is several times higher than the cost of good pads “.


As for counterfeits, their volume has really dropped sharply and almost disappeared. And the very quality of the fake is such that a more or less competent motorist is able to easily identify a fake. Just a glance at the packaging will be enough – the original box of TRW pads is equipped with a protective hologram, the box has a 2D code.

Using the Neoreader program, you can scan the code and immediately receive confirmation of the authenticity of the pads. The original packaging must contain a red information tag and instructions. The pads themselves differ both in the texture of the material and in the font used – on the original products it is smaller, the inscriptions are made more accurately, and in the product article, with the exception of several models with an article ending with the letter “M”, there is no letter suffix.


So what’s the bottom line? Judging by the optimistic attitude of the manufacturers, the car owner has practically no chance of running into an outright fake, and this is good. But at the same time, you should be careful in trying to save money – the product may simply not be for our market, which may hit the pocket later.

So the rule “learn materiel” remains relevant to this day..

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Jaco (gray parrot)

Jaco (gray parrot)

We are used to the fact that a parrot is an exotic bird with very bright plumage. Jaco is a completely different matter. This rather large African parrot (30 – 35 cm), unlike its other counterparts, has a modest gray feathers.

A bent, strong and massive beak, yellow eyes (this applies only to an adult bird), gray legs are dark gray, beak is black, the front part of the head is whitish with a minimum number of feathers. Life expectancy up to 50 years.

The Jaco, or, as it is called in another way, the “gray parrot” (Psittacus erithacus), belongs to the vast subfamily of parrots of the true Psittacinae in the genus Psittacus. The parrot got its name “gray” for its own unique natural signal.

This type of parrot includes two subspecies: red-tailed gray (erithacus) and brown-tailed (timneh).

The name of the subspecies speaks for itself: the red-tailed gray parrot has a rich scarlet tail, the body is covered with silvery-ash plumage, the tips of the feathers are light gray, which gives the bird the illusion of scales. Paws are dark gray, beak is completely black.

Brown-tailed gray with darker plumage, the tail is correspondingly brown, on the upper beak there is a large spot of yellowish or pink hue.

Despite the modest plumage, everyone would dream of having a gray. This bird has excellent conversational qualities (can learn up to 1500 words), brilliant intelligence and a bright emotional background of relationships..

This is a bird lover’s dream, however, its content requires serious approach and attention. You can find out how to teach a parrot to speak in our article – How to teach a parrot to speak?

Wild Grays lifestyle description.

The homeland for gray parrots is Central and Western Africa. Birds prefer to settle in the rainforests of Angola, Congo, Guinea Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Gray parrots fly long distances in search of food, but in the evening they return “home”. They sleep in the crowns of tall trees, preferring to eat grass seeds, fruits, berries, cereals, herbs and even snails. But most of their diet consists of the fruits of the red oil palm..

Hollows in trees are selected during the breeding season. During courtship, an interesting ritual occurs in gray parrots, at the time when the female bends forward and begs for food, the ruffled male, opening and dropping his wings, dances around her, emitting grunts and squeaks. The female echoes him in response, after which he feeds her or imitates feeding. These mating games take place several times a day.

There are 3-4 eggs in a clutch, which are laid for 7-12 days.

Chicks begin to hatch after 30 days. All this time, the male feeds the female and guards the nest. After 8 weeks, the chicks leave the house, the youngest stay for a while.

Requirements for life in captivity.

Since there are very few professional breeders in Russia, wild gray parrots are most often sold in the poultry market. If it is a young bird, it will be easier to tame it. But the difficulty is that savages have many hidden diseases and parasites.

If you nevertheless acquired a “savage”, then you should carefully examine him and carry out deworming.

Grays tend to be deficient in vitamins A and D, so it is extremely important that the bird’s diet is balanced and, if necessary, the “intellectual” should be fed with vitamins.

The parrot should only sleep in the cage, the rest of the time it is desirable that the bird be “free”. The cage itself should be large so that, sitting on one of the perches, the Grays can freely spread their large wings. The cage is made of durable material without oxidizing metals.

The width between the rods should be narrow enough so that the curious parrot’s head cannot crawl through them..

At the same time, the house must be very strong and almost invulnerable, since the gray is a bird with extraordinary mental abilities, which are often aimed at solving the issue of freedom. In the cage, of course, there should be a drinker and two feeders – one for the grain, and the other for a different type of feed..

The cage should not be placed in the bedroom or kitchen for hygiene reasons. The house should be in a dry and warm place, free of drafts. One of the sides of the cage must be leaning against the wall – this will create conditions for the psychological calm of the feathered.

To avoid aggression and imaginary domination, place the cage at the level of the chest or eyes, but in no case above. No less attention should be paid to the parrot’s play area.

Perches, swings, special toys – all this should be in abundance for the Grays in order to be able to occupy themselves in the absence of the owner. Also, do not forget to provide the bird with disposable toys, twigs, ropes, in general, with everything that a gray beak can gnaw to the ground with its strong beak..

The bird loves to swim, so do not forget to arrange water procedures for it.

Jaco are very intelligent parrots, their intelligence requires constant communication and dynamics. The bird will not be content with only toys. The owner will need to come up with various tasks, puzzles and games for her and participate together.

In the room where the gray lives, the accessories for the bird should also be thought out. Jaco is very curious, he loves to participate in all the affairs of his master: sofa, TV, favorite chair, computer – all this will need to be shared with your pet. This is a given that must be accepted without discussion if you want a good relationship between you and the bird..

Owner reviews claim that the bird will try to take a dominant position in your family, so it is important to try to become a real friend, a partner for her. Then the bird will repay with devotion and mutual friendship..

Depriving a gray parrot of affection and care, over time it becomes irritable, character deteriorates and health problems begin, both mental and physiological.

An equally important condition in the maintenance of a gray is an emotional component. This bird is very social. It is important for her to feel attention and care for herself.

If this is not the case, they do not communicate with the bird, do not play, the parrot closes in on itself and is literally capable of physical self-destruction.

Self-plucking is one of the main problems of Grays.

Feeding Jaco.

The most common are sunflower seeds, which should be clean, without bitterness, preferably the last harvest and, of course, not fried. Sunflower seeds are very nutritious food rich in vitamins and microelements. You can give both dry and soaked, but the amount should be taken into account with the total norm of grain feed (2.5 tablespoons and another 1.5 tablespoons of sprouted grains).

The interest in seeds in Grays is likely due to the fact that their taste is, perhaps, vaguely similar to that of the fruit of the African oil palm. Palm fruits have a beneficial effect on the body of a parrot as a whole and are vital for these birds in the wild..

For the same reason, experts recommend giving gray parrots 0.5 teaspoon of red palm oil every other day..

Other grains for large parrots can be added to the main diet. Grays are also very fond of nuts: hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, pine nuts. However, it should be remembered that this food is very fatty and should be limited to a moderate amount.

Be sure to add fresh vegetables, berries, ripe fruits, herbs, cottage cheese to the diet (1 tsp once a week).

Like any other living creature, the Grays can get sick. The most common disease, which was already mentioned above, is self-plucking. Moreover, this disease occurs only in birds living at home..

Experts have not yet figured out the true reasons for its occurrence. It is believed that this is either from improper care or poor nutrition, or from a psychological depression. Whatever the reason, if you notice dull feathers,

decreased interest in games, puffiness, stuffy nostrils, breathing through the beak, a sunken belly, urgently increase your attention to your pet and try to bring it out of this state.

Remember that the Grays are self-sufficient, emotional and intelligent. Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to find a common language with her. But if you show patience, respect and tact, then in this interesting bird you will find a real family member..

To make it easier to understand how to live with a Grays, imagine that an eternal child has settled in your family, who requires constant attention, patience and fair upbringing. Your attitude towards him will determine the future relationship and behavior of the parrot..

Having earned the trust of such an intelligent bird, you will find a real friend who understands you perfectly, who will even be able to say a few encouraging phrases at the right moment or distract from workdays.

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Operating sewerage treatment facilities Biodisk.

Operating sewerage treatment facilities Biodisk.

BIODISK-100, Oil depot in the village of Izhevskoye, Kaliningrad region BIODISK-100, oil pumping station «Kirishi», Leningrad region (review) BIODISK-100, NPS «Nevskaya», Leningrad region BIODISK-100, NPS «Rodionovskaya», Rostov region BIODISK-100, oil pumping station «Tarasovskaya», Rostov region BIODISK-100, oil pumping station «Kropotkin», Krasnodar Territory BIODISK-100, NPS «Komsomolskaya», Kalmykia BIODISK-100, NPS «Atyrau», Kazakhstan


BIODISK-350, in the pavilion, Pokrovsky mine, Amur region (review) (review2)

BIODISK-350, VZhK "Malomyrsky mine" (1st stage of construction).

BIODISK-350, "Pokrovsky mine" (2nd stage of construction).

BIODISK-350, industrial site of ZM quarries "Pioneer" .

BIODISK-350, rotational camp of the Asachinskoye field (photo) .

BIODISK-350, industrial site of the processing complex of the Malomyr deposit .

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Choosing an MP3 player for your car: 7 solutions, from budget to expensive.

Choosing an MP3 player for your car: 7 solutions, from budget to expensive.

A cassette recorder in a car is already a rarity today. Most of those who bought such a device earlier got rid of it long ago, replacing it with a more modern one, playing CDs and reading other digital media. However, this is easy to do if the radio tape recorder was not integrated into the center console, but was installed in a place specially designated for it 1Din or 2Din. Finding a replacement for the head unit is quite difficult, especially if the car is already ten to fifteen years old.

And they cost a lot of money. Still, there are budget options for listening to MP3 files on a cassette player..

The adapters made in the form of an audio cassette are inserted into the radio and transmit a digital signal through a special transmitter to the head of the radio, which it perceives as a signal coming from a magnetic tape. In the most budgetary version, there is a wire from such an adapter, by inserting it into the headphone jack of a smartphone or MP3 player, you can listen to your favorite songs through the car radio. Such an adapter costs about 150 rubles, which is practically nothing nowadays..

There is a more expensive option. In this case, the MP3 player itself is made in the cassette form factor. It has a slot for an SD card, a battery that allows it to work autonomously for about 6 hours, and control buttons. Comes with USB charger, remote control and headphones. That is, this player can be used as a regular MP3 player, or you can insert it into the radio jack and listen to it like an audio cassette.

Such a device costs around 800 rubles. Its disadvantages can be attributed only to the fact that on some models you can hear how the gears rotate, compensating for the operation of the tape drive, and the transmitting head does not always clearly coincide with the player’s head, due to which the sound quality suffers a little..

However, there is a solution to these problems. Having disassembled the device and lubricated the gears with grease, you can solve the first one. The sound quality, if necessary, can be improved by correcting the position of the transmitting head..


The dimensions of this player are really small and allow you to embed it in any convenient place – both on the dashboard and directly into the radio tape recorder itself.

With such a modest size, the player can play audio from a flash drive, receive air in the FM range and play music from another source via a Bluetooth connection with it. This functionality allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of the standard car audio system, especially if it cannot reproduce digital formats due to its technical capabilities. This miracle of technology costs, depending on the manufacturer and the seller’s greed, from 160 to 350 rubles.

The kit includes instructions, cables for connection and a remote control.

By the way, you can install this player in household cassette recorders, and even in active speakers..

So if the hands grow out of that place and there are some skills in working with tools, this option is not just a budget, but a gift.


It is possible to improve the standard car audio system, which has a connector for connecting a CD-changer, with a corresponding digital player. Knowing the manufacturer of the stock audio system, it is quite easy to choose the appropriate adapter with the connector at the end that will suit your audio system. The player is capable of playing audio files from both a USB flash drive and an SD card.

You can also connect to it via the AUX connector. Audio files are controlled by the standard audio system buttons: the “head” perceives this adapter as a CD changer. In addition to a wired connection, the adapter is able to receive audio files via Bluetooth and provide a hands-free telephone connection – the kit includes a microphone.

The small size of the device makes it easy to place it in the glove compartment of a car. Such a device costs from 2,000 to 3,500 rubles, depending on the model of the audio system installed on the car.


There are many variations on the market today on the theme of such an adapter, which allows you to listen to audio files from a digital carrier by tuning the car receiver to a frequency similar to the transmitter. However, this FM transmitter seemed to us interesting primarily because the display and controls are remote, which makes it more ergonomic. Recall that, basically, the transmitters are made in the form of a monoblock, and this in turn – due to the sometimes inconvenient location of the cigarette lighter socket – makes it difficult to use them. The quality of telephone communication, which the transmitters also support via Bluetooth, suffers especially from improper placement. Cause: The built-in microphone is very far from the driver’s face.

The device, divided into two parts, is devoid of these shortcomings..

On one end of the wire, there is a power plug with two USB sockets, one of which can be used to transfer data from a USB flash drive, and the other as a 2A charging connector. At the other end, a display with controls, a microphone and a microSD card slot. And in order to make the transmitter more convenient to use, its head is attached to the instrument panel with a magnet, the location of which is pre-selected by the driver.

Such a device costs about 700 rubles and fits organically into most car interiors..


Very often, new car owners do not want to bother installing an expensive audio system. This happens especially often when “music” is bought into a working machine, for reasons of “just mumbling”. In this case, you should pay attention to an audio system with built-in speakers. The maximum you need to do when installing it is to insert it into the place intended for the radio tape recorder and connect the power.

It will take about twenty minutes, no more.

It must be said that such an audio system can practically do the same thing as its older brothers. That is, it plays digital formats from a flash drive or SD card, supports file playback via Bluetooth and provides hands-free phone calls. And it looks quite modern.

Of course, one should not expect high-quality sound from her, but she will be able to brighten up the working day of the driver of a dump truck or excavator. Such a device costs about 1000 rubles.


This unsightly car MP3 / FM player is interesting in that, in addition to the functions of a regular digital format player and radio reception, it is equipped with a standard smartphone holder. Flip up and down part of the bezel, you get a full-fledged smartphone holder with a screen size of up to 6 inches.

A fixed smartphone can function as the display of this device when paired with it via Bluetooth. The output power of the device is 60 watts per channel, of which it has four.

And in order for the radio tape recorder to better fit the interior, the backlight of the display and buttons can be made blue, red or green. It remains to add that such a device costs about 1,700 rubles..


Multimedia complexes are more and more firmly registered in the interiors of cars. This is understandable: large screens and wide functionality are modern and in demand. It’s nice when there is a device in the car that is in one person and a powerful media player that can digest both audio and video files, and an entertainment complex with Internet access, and navigation, and a rear-view camera monitor, and a Wi-Fi router, and many what else. However, most of these head units have a 2Din installation size.

But what if you really want to have such a system, but there is no place for it on the center console in principle?

In this case, you should pay attention to the 1Din-system with a “add-on” 7-inch screen. In terms of functionality, it is no different from those that have a larger installation size, and organically fits into the interior of almost

any car without reworking the center console.

You just need to keep in mind that such a “radio tape recorder” is no longer 1500 or 5000 rubles. For a high-quality “head” will have to pay, depending on the level of equipment, processor power and preinstalled operating system, from 9,000 to 15,000 rubles, which is comparable in price with a mid-range smartphone or a good tablet. But, as they say, “hunting is worse than bondage”.

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Garmin Dash Cam 56 dash cam for meteorite and content hunters.

Garmin Dash Cam 56 dash cam for meteorite and content hunters.

You can endlessly argue about politics, love and a heap of everything in the world, but the disputes of motorists about the need to buy a DVR deserve special attention. Supporters of these devices easily argue their position with videos on YouTube, and opponents will more often refer to the negative experience of using budget cameras from dubious brands. For both, I recommend reading this review of the Garmin Dash Cam 56, a near-reference dash cam for everyone.

Now I’ll tell you why this baby deserved so many flattering words..

We meet with unpacking.

Like any Garmin product, the Dash Cam 56 comes in a neat box with an austere set of accessories: short and long micro-USB cables, the device itself with an adjustable swivel mount, and a pair of metal plates. For complete happiness, stock up on a fast microSDXC memory card, minimum speed class 10.

Control in a couple of touches.

The tiny Dash Cam 56 is reminiscent of a modern action camera. Matchbox-sized with full-back display and dedicated control keypad on the right. From the front, attention is focused on the 140-degree protruding wide-angle lens.

Next to the camera, a decorative grill disguises a loud speaker for warning about various traffic situations – I will talk about these chips later..

Below is only a slot for microSDXC memory cards with a capacity of up to 512 GB. On the right side, I repeat, there are four menu control keys. On the colorful two-inch screen of the recorder, you can comfortably and quickly adjust all the basic shooting parameters and view the footage.

The resolution and pixel density are the same as on smartphones, the viewing angles and the headroom are also flawless. Is that the automatic brightness control is lacking, but the screen can automatically turn off when driving.

Fastening and mounting.

The convenience of placing the DVR in the car is a headache for many, but not for owners of Dash Cam 56. The miniature device is equipped with a clever magnetic system for attaching to the windshield. Instead of bulky suction cups and swivel rods, two metal plates with 3M adhesive are included.

It is enough to glue one of them in a suitable place, first trying on the angle of view from the viewfinder.

Conveniently, the neodymium magnet is located on the pivot bar near the gadget, so instead of the complete plates, another metal object (for example, a coin) with 3M adhesive tape applied is also suitable. The force of the magnet is enough to securely fix the recorder, without vibrations and shaking when driving on gravel and other irregularities. The main thing is to first make sure that the surface is dry and clean, otherwise the metal plate may come off in damp weather..

The power issue is elegantly handled by ordinary micro-USB, and many of us have a bunch of such cables. The set includes two wires with an L-shaped micro-USB connector 1.5 and 3 meters long, plus a tiny 2.1A charger for the cigarette lighter. You can feel Garmin’s concern for the smartphones of motorists, because the charger has two USB outputs..

In theory, a long power cable is needed for installation under the headliner and pillars – you can entrust this procedure to a soundproofing studio, or spend an evening in the garage. But if you want to power out the recorder under the casing, I recommend taking a closer look at the interesting Parking Mode Cable accessory..

This module is integrated into the standard power supply network of the head multimedia car and allows the registrar to record with the ignition off. Unlike handicraft connections to standard wiring, the Garmin power module is equipped with a standard power grid voltage controller. As soon as the voltage drops below 11.7 volts, and the controller turns off the power of the DVR – there will be no problems with the morning start-up in winter.

Completing the topic of power supply for Dash Cam 56, I also note the presence of a built-in battery with a capacity of about 500 mAh – it is enough for almost 30 minutes of offline recording. To save power, the recorder automatically turns off when you disconnect the power cable or turn off the ignition in the car. Of course, unless it is connected via the power accessory in parking mode.


Exemplary ergonomics, smart controls and the ability to record in parking mode are just a few of the features of the Garmin Dash Cam 56. It is built on the basis of high-performance hardware and supports recording up to 1440p at 30 fps. For Full-HD and 720p, you can record at 60 fps, plus all resolutions support HDR shooting.

In addition to micro-USB, the recorder has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless interfaces – all this is necessary to control the device via the Garmin Drive mobile app on a smartphone..

From the screen of the mobile phone, you can configure all the recording and notification parameters, and at the same time quickly download the footage and, if necessary, crop the video. Also, wireless communication modules allow Dash Cam 56 to synchronize work with other Garmin dashboards in the cabin of your car, and then use the app to create a video with sidebars from the rear and side cameras.

The abundance of additional chips deserves special attention. The built-in GPS module is used by the device not only to overlay data on the coordinates and speed of the car when recording video, but also helps to use the traffic signs and speed limit alerts – all this is available when using the Garmin Drive application on a smartphone with regularly updated data on road infrastructure. Regardless of the connected smartphone, the recorder is equipped with advanced software for monitoring exits from the road markings and emergency notification of the likelihood of a collision with a vehicle in front of you.

The loud speaker will barely allow you not to react to such warnings, the intensity of which is also adjustable in the settings.

Management and settings.

The Dash Cam 56 dashcam automatically turns on and starts recording when connected to a power source, the main thing is to install a memory card in advance. From the viewfinder mode, the main attention deserves the lower side OK button, a short press on which saves the current frame without stopping recording, and a long hold saves the video in a separate folder. By default, the recorder shoots one-minute videos in a cyclic mode, deleting old recordings when there is not enough free space, but the saved videos will not be touched, and they are not limited in duration..

Pressing the up and down buttons automatically displays the main menu items, decorated with a colorful icon. I’ll tell you about the settings a little later, but now I want to emphasize the possibility of shooting timelapse videos in the background..

An interesting feature of the recorder: support for voice control. Examples of voice commands are collected in the corresponding section of the menu. To activate, just say “Ok, Garmin”.

Another menu item is associated with binding to the Garmin Drive mobile app on your smartphone. Following the prompts on the screen, the entire pairing procedure takes just a couple of minutes. All configuration and control options are available from a smartphone, plus via Wi-Fi you can download individual videos and crop them, overlay a picture from the rear camera on top of the main one.

Once you open the settings in the Garmin Dash Cam 56 menu, the fun is in the driver assistance section. The registrar is equipped with advanced image analysis software and very effectively warns an unassembled driver in a traffic jam about the likelihood of a collision with a car in front – it will also not hurt on the track on a long trip. But even more convenient for country roads is the notification of a collision with a solid marking line.

Works surprisingly accurately and does not distract when advancing and changing lanes.

Another useful feature on the way: an information panel with an alert about the current speed limit and your speed in this section – the smartphone transmits information about the signs to the registrar, so on the M11 toll road this function was unavailable, as was the cellular network signal. In urban conditions, everything works well, and an example of a video with an exit from a tunnel shows the speed of restoration of communication with GPS satellites.

From the picture settings, you can select the resolution and frame rate. For 2560×1440, only 30 fps is available, but at 1080 and 720 you can choose 30 or 60 frames per second. HDR and manual exposure adjustments are available for all resolutions.

You can also disable sound recording from the settings..

The remaining unmentioned item of the gadget menu: the gallery of captured videos. Here you can only view one by one, plus the possibility of manual deletion. Of course, all this is more convenient to do from a PC, or on a smartphone screen from a mobile application..

Shooting quality.

Over the years of testing mobile gadgets, I have developed a certain immunity to attempts to link the price of a gadget and its quality results. But Garmin Dash Cam 56 left a pleasant impression here too, providing first-class video at the exit, on the same level with a similarly priced action camera of a famous brand.

Against the background of mid-range recorders, Dash Cam 56 has a significantly wider dynamic range of the picture and a moderately tightened graininess – the sharpness of the picture is specially tailored to please distinguishable license plates on any freeze frame. During the day, the registrar fixes the picture so that at least open your YouTube channel.

At night, the registrar does not even think to give up positions. Visibility is excellent both in the city at night and along the highway. The picture is exactly the one that I remembered sitting behind the wheel.

Of course, at dusk HDR works much more roughly, but it copes effectively with the main task of improving the visibility of rooms..


The Garmin Dash Cam 56 is a rare example of a device that flawlessly performs its tasks. The ingenious design of the magnetic mount turned out to be the best type of mount I’ve seen before, and the device can easily compete with flagship action cameras in terms of shooting quality. At the same time, this recorder can be simple for any car enthusiast, and avid technologists can

connect a dedicated parking power adapter and control Dash Cam 56 from the screen of the mobile application. Without releasing the steering wheel, control using voice commands, and, if desired, install several such recorders – the Garmin Drive software automatically synchronizes them.

And your DVR can do that?

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OverCam – everything for video surveillance.

OverCam – everything for video surveillance.

Video surveillance systems have become an everyday part of the world in our century. The presence of CCTV cameras alone already reduces the likelihood of crime by 80 percent. In a controversial situation, video surveillance will help establish who is right and who is wrong. Video surveillance camera manufacturer OverCam offers over 100 types of security and video surveillance systems.

All products presented on the site are certified, have a guarantee and technical support. By purchasing any product, the buyer can count on a guarantee for up to 2 years. If you have any questions, you can contact our technical support in order to get the help of experienced qualified specialists..

Partnership. Dealers all over Russia.

We don’t just sell video surveillance. We also do it in such a way that it would be really profitable. Our entire product line is subject to wholesale prices from the very first purchase. You just need to introduce yourself, briefly describe your line of business, and we are ready to immediately recognize you as a partner and give wholesale prices. For regular partners, with whom we have been cooperating for a long time, and who have confirmed their qualifications, there are even more interesting dealer price offers.

The entire line of CCTV OverCam, including IP cameras, AHD cameras, NVR, XVR – can be bought at wholesale and dealer prices.

IP, AHD, hybrid cameras and DVRs.

Our company has been on the security equipment market since 2009, and has vast experience in this area. In the Internet catalog of the site there are CCTV cameras for country houses, offices, apartments, streets, summer cottages and commercial sites. We offer digital, analog, hybrid video surveillance equipment. We keep pace with the times, so we have classic, time-tested, and innovative options for IP and Wi-Fi video surveillance.

IP cameras are distinguished by improved quality of the transmitted image, ease of installation, a large number of access points, and work in the local network of offices. There are no restrictions on the distance of information transmission for IP video surveillance. This type of cameras is suitable for creating wireless video surveillance systems. There are cameras with increased resistance to weather, such as rain, snow, strong wind. There are anti-vandal cameras for installation in entrances, elevators.

In addition, we have ready-made video surveillance kits for any task..

Additional equipment OverCam.

In addition to cameras, you will find other additional equipment on our website. For example, Wi-Fi bridges and PoE switches, power supplies, and so on. In the catalog you will also find:

accumulators; cable; Power supplies; hard drives; connectors; network hardware; DVRs.

Professional advice and quality service If you have any questions, you can always order a call back or write to online support to get advice from real professionals in their field. In our company, not ordinary theoreticians work with video surveillance, but people who, in practice, are convinced of the effectiveness of the technologies sold. You are also always glad to see you in our office at Vladivostok, st. Abrekskaya, 5. Here you can personally see the range of cameras and recorders at the stand, talk with consultants and buy video surveillance.

In addition, for the convenience of our clients, we can deliver your order anywhere in Russia.